Triple-Digit Heat Normally Sets In This Time of Year

The average date for the first 100-degree day is July 1

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Our first Heat Advisory of the season went into effect June 30 at noon. This is also the time of year when triple-digit temperatures begin to appear.

The average date for the first 100-degree high is July 1. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport sees about 18 triple-digits days per year. Most of our triple-digit days occur in the month of August.

The earliest DFW Airport has ever seen a triple-digit day was March 9, 1911. 

The average date of the end of the 100s is Aug. 26, but DFW has seen 100s through early October. October 3, 1951, is the latest DFW has ever recorded a temperature in the triple digits.

The most triple-digit days we have ever seen in one year was in 2011. That year DFW Airport recorded 71 days with highs of 100 degrees or higher. 

Believe it or not, there have been years when we went an entire summer without any triple digits. In 1973 and 1906, DFW Airport did not receive a single temperature reading of 100 degrees or more.

The summer of 1980 was one to remember. DFW saw a consecutive 42 days of triple-digit heat. 

So far, DFW has yet to record a triple-digit day, but it will continue to feel like it. The heat index through the rest of the week will range from 105-110 degrees.

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