Texas is The Theme of Finfrock's Home Life

At the end of a long day at NBC 5, chief meteorologist David Finfrock heads to his oasis, his home in Cedar Hill.

His yard includes native grasses, bluebonnets, tall trees where birds sing and a creek. He landscaped it all.

"I don't go to work out in a gym," said Finfrock. "I get all of my workout here or down at our ranch."

Go inside and you step into the past. Finfrock enjoys maps almost as much as he enjoys tracking weather. His study and many hallways are decorated with maps from other centuries. One wall shows the different maps of Texas before it joined the United States.

"Here you can see a collection of how the map of Texas changed over the years... The shape, the number of counties," said Finfrock.

His collection also includes the paper maps he and Harold Taft would create for newscasts in the 1970's.

But there's something Finfrock loves more than his landscaping and his maps here... his wife Shari.

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"About a year and a half after I got here [NBC5], I met Shari at a party," recalled David.

"David was the new member of the church choir," said Shari. "I didn't ever see him on TV until he asked me out, then I watched him on TV."

"We clicked immediately," said David. "We met - 5 months - to the day later - we were married."

The Finfrocks have two children, son Ryan and daughter Jennifer. In 2009, NBC 5 viewers learned about Jennifer's battle with Breast Cancer at age 34.  At the time there was no family history of the disease.

"The next year, we did the big [Race for the Cure] walk together for breast cancer," said Finfrock.

"It's been eight years that she's a survivor now. And two wonderful grandchildren that she is able to raise and we are able to enjoy," said David Finfrock.  "Just so thrilled everything is going so well."

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