TCEQ Declares Ozone Action Day Friday With ‘Unhealthy' Air Quality Warning

Air quality forecast for Saturday, Sunday returns to "Good"

NBC 5 News

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has issued an alert for Friday, declaring it an Ozone Action Day.

The TCEQ said the air quality in North Texas will be unhealthy due to the potential for ozone to get near the ground and affect your health.

For Friday specifically, the TCEQ said, "Light winds, hot temperatures, abundant afternoon sunshine, and/or elevated incoming background levels could be enough for ozone to reach the northwest side of the Dallas-Fort Worth area."

The alerts are triggered when there is a high level of pollutants, such as ozone, near the ground that can potentially affect your health.

If you suffer from respiratory issues, spend extra time indoors. Breathing in ozone can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.

There is good news for the weekend, however, the TCEQ forecasts "Good" air quality for North Texas on both Saturday and Sunday.

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