Super ‘Pink' Moon Rising

The biggest full moon of 2020 coming

071214 Supermoon Noah Bullard
Noah Bullard, NBC 5 News

In the midst of social distancing and staying home, spending some time outside can offer much-needed refreshment. If that wasn't enough reason to look to the sky, here's one more - a supermoon over North Texas! This will be the biggest full moon of 2020!

This particular supermoon will be Tuesday night, April 7th into Wednesday morning. It's called "super" because it's a full moon that appears slightly larger than normal due to its proximity to Earth in its lunar orbit. Since the moon orbits in an ellipse (not a perfect circle), there are times it's actually closer to Earth than others. Its closest point to Earth is called its perigee - 221,851 miles away.

The April full moon is often called the Pink Moon or Egg Moon. No, it won't actually appear pink, that's just the name associated with spring bloom of flowers this time of year in the U.S.

The good news is that the weather looks to cooperate here in North Texas with generally clear skies. It will shine all night long on the night of April 7-8.

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