Storm Leaves Damage Behind in Dallas M-Streets Area

Downed trees and limbs littered the streets, sidewalks and yards following Sunday afternoon's fast-moving storm

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The sounds of laboring echoed through the M-Streets area in Dallas on Labor Day, as homeowners and contractors cleaned up after Sunday's storm.

"I have never seen anything like this," homeowner Zachary Stone said looking at part of a towering 100-year pecan tree that crashed onto his garage. "There were lots of storm noises because the wind was so insane, so it was hard to see at first, but I realized it was bad pretty quickly."

Stone hired 3-Alarm Tree Rescue to remove the large broken section. It took a crane to lift it off the garage, piece by piece.


A few blocks away, arborist Jim Dunlap was directing another downed limb removal, using saws on poles and ropes.

"Because our trained squirrels aren't ready yet," Dunlap joked. "We probably have 500 to 600 pounds of branch up there."

Dunlap said he lost power in the storm and knew his Labor Day would be a work day.

"I didn't have electric and internet last night, so what did I do? I took Ben Franklin's advice and went to bed early," Dunlap said. "Then the phones started ringing."

Thousands of residents were still without power Monday afternoon, according to Oncor.

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