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Scratchy Throat? Watery Eyes? Pollen Shift Could Bring New Round of Suffering

During the month of November Mountain Cedar Pollen starts to Increase.

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If you have been suffering from allergies, chances are it is ragweed that has been causing your irritation.

Ragweed levels have been high through much of October. Currently, ragweed and juniper are at medium levels, still causing many to have a scratchy throat or watery eyes.

A big shift in the weather pattern will bring a drop in pollen levels. A few showers are possible on Tuesday with more widespread rain on Wednesday.

Ragweed season will be winding down. Levels typically start to drop during the month of November. Grass pollen starts to decrease this time of year too.

The winter months bring new pollen to the area with another round of suffering. During the month of November, mountain cedar starts to increase. That pollen peaks during the months of December and January. Mountain Cedar levels start to drop off in February.

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