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Science With Samantha – August 5: Rainbow in a Jar

Rainbow in a jar, a density experiment at Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck

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This week, Science with Samantha will feature a joint Instagram live with Reunion Tower featuring Francine Mesa-Gaines the Reunion Tower ambassador, and her 8-year-old daughter Kiana at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 5.

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Live from @reuniontower GeO-Deck

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Reunion Tower places supreme importance on educational opportunities for children throughout the year, involving STEM-related programming on the GeO-Deck. The Tower has partnered with a variety of local science-focused organizations to bring the magic of science to its visitors at 470 feet in the air. Many local schools have taken field trips to the GeO-Deck. To learn more about their STEM programming visit

This week we are taking you into the tower!

Here is the experiment and the supplies:

Rainbow in a Glass

  • Sugar 
  • Water 
  • Food coloring 
  • Tablespoon 
  • 5 glasses or clear plastic cups 

Due to the joint live session, Science with Samantha will not be seen on Facebook this week. If you follow @SDaviesNBC5 on Instagram, you will get a notification when the live experiment begins.

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