Plumber Says Home Preps Needed for Severe Winter Weather

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Dajadt Azakytu says when preparing your home for winter weather, there’s a list of dos and don’ts. There’s also what he calls short-term and long-term plans.

“Long-term is preparing yourself in the spring and the summer and the fall for winter,” he said.

But the time for extensive home preparation has passed, and severe weather is upon us. Now’s the time for quick action and tried-and-true solutions. Solutions like leaving the outside faucet running.

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After several days of sub-freezing temperatures, some melting is expected Friday and Saturday.

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“As a water specialist, yes that is the best thing to do. Wrapping it won’t take care of it, but water will not freeze while it’s running, just a steady stream,” said Azakytu.

Inside the home, he said to focus on faucets and pipes along your most exterior walls.

“And when I say running water, you don’t have to have it full blast. Cut it down, just a little steady flow,” he said.

Also, be mindful of those rubber hoses connected to appliances. Azakytu says there’s still time to swap those out.

“What we recommend in the plumbing industry are braided hoses. Braided hoses will not break like your rubber hoses or freeze like your rubber hoses,” he said.

Don’t ignore tankless water heaters either, which he said also require a small amount of water flow to keep from freezing. Azakytu said just a little attention to these small action items can save you from a big headache and money down the line.

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