Plumber Says Frozen Pipes Easily Avoided

Freezing temperatures mean homeowners should take precautions

With all of the warm weather North Texas has seen lately, a night like Thursday's can take homeowners by surprise.

Temperatures could drop well into the teens in parts of the area, and homeowners could wake up to frozen pipes.

Rick Beaudin said he puts a cover on "the outside of my faucets and stuff just to make sure."

He now takes the extra precaution after his pipes froze and then burst about 10 years ago.

"It was a mess," Beaudin said. "Basically, they left the hose on it, and it froze up the side of the hose and pushed the faucet back up. And of course, it expanded and it broke and, of course, when it all thawed out, it all came in the house."

Winter freezes can mean big business for plumbers such as Larry Brown.

"Usually you won't notice a burst in pipes until we get the big thaw the next day," Brown said. "The sun's out and whatever, or they get the heater going real good and, bam, there it is."

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He said repairs can range from $250 and up. But he said it's a pricey problem that can easily be prevented.

"Just make sure they insulate them," he said. "Either take a rag or towel if they don't go to a home center and buy the little foam inserts that go over the little outside faucets, or wrap their pipes in something."

Brown also suggested an age-old tip: Letting the faucets drip.

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