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Plano Woman Has Cautionary Tale About Flash Floods

Becky Dennis was driving her Mazda MX5 Sunday when she was caught in a flash flood

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Most Texas drivers are familiar with the phrase 'turn around, don't drown.' On Sunday, Becky Dennis of Plano got a crash course in what a flash flood can do.

"Yesterday was one of those days that you'll never forget," Dennis said. "It was just like the flood gates opened."

Dennis was driving her Mazda MX5 sports car at the intersection of 75 and 15th in Plano on Sunday when a few inches of water turned into a few feet of water in just a few minutes.

"It was like it was spilling out of a lake, it was coming up so fast," Dennis recalled. "I'd never seen anything like it."

Dennis said she had no time to react.

"I would have never thought that water getting up almost all the way to my window would have ever, ever happened," Dennis said.

Suddenly, help arrived.

"Out of nowhere these two guys came and just started pushing my car and got me out of harm's way," Dennis said. "There's a lot of good people in the world."

Plano Fire-Rescue warns that the saturated ground is primed for more flooding with the rain that is in the forecast this week. The department warns drivers and children to stay out of the floodwater.

"It's full of trash, it's full of contaminants," Plane Fire-Rescue Lt. John Barrett said. "You never know what could be coming downstream."

Dennis said the flooding totaled the car she called 'Mid-life'.

"I'll miss my little car," Dennis said. "But better to be alive."

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