Perry Asks For Fed Money After Fire Destruction

Six counties to be considered for financial help.

Governor Rick Perry met with local leaders in communities devastated by wildfires, then announced his request for a major presidential disaster declaration for the area.

The Governor asked President Obama to declare a disaster for Callahan, Clay, Jack, Montague, Wichita and Young counties, which would make them eligible for federal money and other resources.

"I hope the sight of this devastation will underscore the need for the federal government to not only assist these communities in recovering from these devastating wildfires, but also combat wildfires that continue to burn across our state," Gov. Perry said. "Our hearts go out to the families and communities that have lost so much, and we pledge to continue working with local officials to prevent any further loss of life and property."

Last week wildfires in 12 counties burned more than 155,000 acres and destroyed 94 homes in the area. Nearly 300 homes in Montague County were evacuated. To date, more than 400,000 acres have been burned this year by wildfires, with more than 200 homes destroyed and a substantial number of livestock injured or killed.

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