Texas Baptist Men

North Texas Volunteers Prepare for Possible Hurricane Relief Deployment

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As the nation tracks the tropics with two tropical systems churning away in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas Baptist Men volunteers are preparing to possibly be deployed for hurricane relief work.

“We’re just in the 'hurry up and wait category' because there is not a whole lot you can do prior to the storm coming ashore,” Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Director Dwain Carter said.

Volunteers are all on alert and equipment across the state is being prepared with extra supplies coming in.

Carter said the group tries to constantly stay prepared for deployment. They are usually not called on until after a storm has passed.

The era of COVID-19 has made their efforts a little more difficult but say they are dedicated to continuing their help while keeping COVID-19 safety top of mind.

“Almost all of our volunteers are in the higher age range of susceptibility because most of them are retired and they just go out because they love the Lord and they want to serve people,” Carter said. “We’ve deployed four or five times this year during COVID.”

“We’ve come up with a whole guideline of COVID-19 deployment guidelines,” Carter added. “Taking temperatures, wearing masks and hand sanitizing all of the things that you are supposed to do.”

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