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North Texas Prepares for New Year's Day Freeze

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From unseasonably warm to dangerously cold, Saturday nights predicted to dip into the 20s will bring a big shift.

Groups like Our Calling have already launched into gear to provide a warm place for those on Dallas streets.

“The city has got more people than we know what to do with. More people are becoming homeless every day than have ever happened in Dallas, so it's days like this that kind of raise the awareness,” said CEO and Pastor Wayne Walker.

Right now, the non-profit is collecting coats and blankets at various drop-off sites, a list of which can be found on its website.

It’s also accepting monetary donations as it prepares to open throughout the weekend as a hub to direct people to a warm place to sleep.

Walker said another way to help is by downloading the Our Calling app to report the location of homeless camps, so they can get help to those who need it.

Fort Worth's water department is sending one of the season's first reminders to cover outdoor pipes, shut off irrigation systems, and know where the main water shutoff is in case of burst pipes.

At Ruibals Plants, employees began moving tropical plants indoors Thursday that had managed to stay out longer than usual thanks to the unseasonably warm weather.

Owner Mark Ruibal said they’ll cover many of the others. For those looking to do the same, he said watering first is key.

“You want to have the roots nice and moist before the cold temperatures come in. Then you can mulch, if you've got mulch, just about 2 or 3 inches deep. That's going to insulate quite a bit, keep the moisture in also. Or if you've got frost cloth, you can put frost cloth on them just as a covering,” said Ruibal.

With no precipitation currently in the forecast, TxDOT said it's simply monitoring the situation. But if needed, it’s prepared to treat roads like it’s doing in other parts of the state.

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