North Dallas Residents Recovering from Last Storm Prepare for Another

Those who are still recovering from the October tornado are watching this weather with caution

NBC 5 News

As the rain started to fall Friday afternoon, some who live in the homes dotted with blue tarps in North Dallas near Walnut Hill and Marsh Lanes grew worried.

"We're kind of nervous," Nancy Ekir said. "I mean, you can tell the damage is still over there."

Ekir pointed to her neighbor's homes, many of them with tarped roofs, boarded windows, and piles of debris from the October tornado still sitting in the alley.

"Once you've gone through it, you realize that what they say on TV is true," Ekir said. "Like the roaring train, and the popping ears, and all that stuff. It's really true. They're all true!"

Ekir had a contractor at her house on Friday to assess repairs that still need to be done to her home after the tornado.

"Water is always a concern," Rudy Rodriguez with Payless Home Repair said. "It's probably the worst."

Ekir said the October tornado taught her a tough lesson.

"When it happened we didn't really have a tornado plan in place. I was running one direction and my husband was running the other," Ekir said. "We need to know where we're going."

A short drive away, the principal at St. Monica Catholic School was directing cars out of the parking lot, after releasing students early for the day before the potentially bad weather hit.

"So we thought, just go now. Especially with what happened here," Principal Phil Riley said referring to the tornado damage all around them. "We're not taking any chances."

Ekir said she can only prepare and hope for the best.

"I think we gotta take each storm one day at a time," Ekir said.

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