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Take NBC DFW's S-Band Radar with you everywhere you go

NBC 5's S-Band radar is available whenever you want it with our free news and weather app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

NBC DFW app is available for download for iPhone, iPad and Android and it's FREE.

Just search NBC 5 or NBC DFW in the App Store or in Google Play.

You can keep radar literally at your fingertips and zoom in on your neighborhood.

Weather Connection

Connecting you with your forecast and all the things that make North Texas weather unique.

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You'll also find the NBC 5 meteorologists' written and video forecasts along with weather stories from the NBC 5 news team.

Turn push notifications on when you launch the app and you'll know when severe weather is moving in.

Plus, you'll get hourly, daily and 10-day forecasts and can pinpoint your location via GPS for precise conditions as well as save favorite locations.

How to Make the NBCDFW App More Weather-Centric for You

Make Weather Your Start Screen - If you open the app and select weather from the menu at the bottom of the screen and you close the app, the app will open to weather every time. It understands that weather is your preference.

Radar Layers - When you tap Weather in the bottom navigation the NBC 5 S-Band Radar is at the top, click on the circle with the arrows pointing out to open the radar full screen, click the stack of papers in the top right corner (that's layers) and you can change the layer from Live Radar (S-Band) and Radar Precipitation. At the bottom of the radar you can click past or future no matter what radar you are on. To exit layers click the blue stack of papers in the top right corner. Click the X to go to the weather section.

Storm Tracks - Click the layers button and scroll down to Overlays to turn on Storm Tracks. When you click Done, you'll see cones around the storm that show you direction. If you click on those dots, you'll see information about the storms speed and any pertinent information. You can also turn on Tornado/Severe Thunderstorms in the Overlays section to have a the storm boxes on the map if you choose. To exit layers click the blue stack of papers in the top right corner. Click the X to go to the weather section.

Alert Boxes - Click the layers button and scroll down if you click on Tornado/Severe Thunderstorms in the Overlays section you will see the storm boxes on the map. If you tap anywhere in the box, you will see the alert data from the National Weather Service. To exit layers click the blue stack of papers in the top right corner. Click the X to go to the weather section.

Set Alerts for Your Location – On the weather page, under the radar, click the Plus Sign next to the location. This is where you put in your locations and manage the alerts for those location. You can choose Current Location so you’ll always know what’s going on where you are. Click Alert Settings at the bottom and you’ll see all the available alerts. Severe Weather Alerts are the alerts issued by the National Weather Service (such as tornado warnings). Lighting Alerts are alerts about lightning near you (beneficial for people with pools or golfers). Precipitation Alerts are the alerts about rain nearby.

Get Messages from the Weather Experts - To get messages from the weather team, including the daily forecast information, click News Alerts in the bottom navigation, scroll to the bottom, and click Alert Settings. Weather Alerts are at the bottom.

Hourly Forecast and 10-day Forecast – In the weather section, scroll down and you’ll find the hourly and 10-day forecast.

Watch Weather Updates - On the weather homepage scroll down to see the latest video forecast from our meteorologists, updated several times a day, and click "Full Forecast" below the video to read the forecast (also updated several times a day by the Weather Experts)

Maps and Radars – Scroll further down and you’ll see the maps, graphics and radars created by our Weather Experts.

Submit Your Photos and Videos – Scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see a button to Share Your Weather Photos & Videos. Here you can easily share your photos of weather (or breaking news) or your holiday photos or Dog Days of Summer photos of your pets.

Other Weather Sections of Note – In the menu (click the NBC 5 logo in the top left corner) select Weather and Weather Connection for articles and videos from the Weather Experts. Weather Alerts for current alerts affecting our area. School Closings can also be found there.

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