texas lightning truck

Live Video From NBC 5's Texas Lightning Truck in the Snow

Meet the newest member of the Texas Storm Fleet

Texas Lightning Truck is out enjoying Sunday's snowfall. Live video from the truck can be seen in the player above.

If you do not see video, the truck is not currently live-streaming. But don't worry, if we're not live, we'll replace the video feed with some super cool photos of our truck!

Three years after the Texas Thunder Truck made his maiden voyage in February 2015, Texas Lightning Truck has debuted on the streets of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Weather Connection

Connecting you with your forecast and all the things that make North Texas weather unique.

Live Radar: Widespread Showers and Storms Friday

Check Out the View From NBC 5's Live Cameras Across North Texas

Both trucks have fully-mobile weather technology and communications systems packed inside and are designed to drive into the storm and deliver live coverage in real time.

With the addition of Texas Lightning Truck, NBC 5 is able to cover more area in the vast and sprawling region of North Texas, which is especially helpful when there are different storm cells developing in multiple locations.

Behind the Scenes with the NBC 5 Storm Fleet

In addition to our exclusive S-Band radar, NBC 5’s team of Weather Experts uses the Texas Storm Fleet (Texas Thunder Truck, Texas Lightning Truck, Texas Sky Ranger, Weather-1 and Weather-2, StormRanger) to provide up-to-the-minute weather information on TV, the NBCDFW App, mobile website and the station’s social media channels @NBCDFW on Twitter and Facebook.com/NBCDFW).

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