Tornado Touches Down in Midlothian

A strong line of spring storms poured rain and hail across parts of North Texas on Thursday.

A tornado was spotted near State Highway 287 and U.S. 67 and Robinson Road in Midlothian just after 2 p.m. It touched down and then quickly unraveled.

The storm blew three 18-wheelers on their sides, but no injuries were reported in the spring storm.

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Anita Foster, of the Red Cross, said they have found no residential damage in Hopkins County.

Initial reports indicated some minor storm damage in Alma, about six miles southeast of Ennis along Business 287. Wind gusts ripped apart a big tent outside a church, tore sheet metal off a barn and uprooted a large oak tree.

Late Thursday morning, the storm cells showed some slight mid-level rotation and gave an early indication that tornadoes were possible. As a result, much of the Dallas-Fort Worth area was under a tornado watch until 9 p.m.

"Dude, It's a Flippin' Tornado"

A filmmaker and one of his friends shot video of the Midlothian tornado and uploaded it to YouTube.

Brian Abbott and his friend Brian Massey saw the signature funnel shape of a tornado.

"Literally, both of us went, 'Oh my gosh, what is that?" Abbott said.

Abbott tossed his iPhone to Massey, who hit record.

"I'm looking out the rear view mirror, saying, 'Are you getting it? And he's saying, 'Yeah, I'm getting it.' And he started narrating, and I'm just laughing because he's freaking out," Abbott said.

On the various videos, Massey can be heard saying, "Oh my gosh, dude, that's a flipping tornado," and "Oh my gosh, dude, tornado sirens are going off."

In one video, Massey is heard saying, "My wife would be freaking out," and Abbott replies, "Like you are now?"

Abbott said his friend and "co-star" is a writer and on-screen actor, so he wasn't surprised by the narration.

"It was totally unscripted, but it was very sincere," he said. "He's an actor and very dramatic, which showed on the video."

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