Lake Charles Homeowners Begin Cleanup After Hurricane Laura

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Homeowners in Lake Charles surveyed the damage and began cleaning up on Friday after Hurricane Laura left a trail of destruction.

“East wind came and ripped the roof off and put it on the west side,” said Carl Babineaux. “It’s total devastation just like (Hurricane) Rita.”

Babineaux’s home was left unrecognizable after a large tree crashed through the roof. On seemingly every block in Lake Charles, it was a similar story, with the only differentiating factor being how bad the damage was.

“I consider myself blessed that things went pretty well,” said Scott Goins, who rode the storm out at home.

Goins’ home was damaged when a tree damaged his roof but said he feels fortunate it was not worse. Neighbors, family members and friends banded together on Friday to start the long process of cleaning up.

“I’ve got to go to my parent’s house to do, their tree and then to a friend’s house to do theirs,” said Justin Romero.

And for Babineaux, it was a similar experience – as family and friends from across the region showed up to help.

“Everybody steps up, my whole family is here still more people coming,” said Babineaux. “We will rebuild, restart and get ready for the next one.”

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