How Much Sleet, Snow is Expected Near You?

[UGCHAR-CJ]ice on the branches

Depending on where you live in North Texas, the amount of wintery precipitation that falls Wednesday and Thursday could vary dramatically.

NBC 5's team of Weather Experts expects ice accumulation to vary between .16 of an inch and .85 inches and sleet and snow accumulation to range from .2 of an inch to 4 inches.

Two maps that show how much ice and sleet and snow are expected to accumulate are below.

Photos: Expected Sleet, Snow Accumulation in Your Area

Generally, ice accumulations across North Texas are not expected to be more than a half-inch, but there are some outliers where more ice could be possible. It doesn't take more than a thin glaze on roads to make driving treacherous. Road conditions are expected to deteriorate quickly and those who must be out driving during the storm are encouraged to use extreme caution, travel slow, and give yourself plenty of room between yourself and other vehicles.

By 7 p.m. Thursday, areas to the north and northwest are expected to receive the majority of sleet and snow. Preliminary forecasts show up to 4 inches may fall in Jack County, 3.2 inches in Wise County, and 3 inches in Denton County.

Moving east to Collin County, 1.8 inches are expected. To the north, in Cooke and Greyson counties, 4 inches of sleet and snow are possible.

In Dallas and Tarrant counties, between 2 and 2.5 inches are possible.

As you move south and to the east, the expected accumulation continues to drop to an inch or below.

As with any forecast, the numbers above are what is expected at this time and that could change as the forecast changes. Stick with NBC 5's team of Weather Experts for the latest forecast here.

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