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How Does This Winter Storm Compare to Last Year's?

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As another winter storm approaches, many North Texas are wondering how this storm compares to the one back in February 2021.

NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist Rick Mitchell says each storm has its own risks, but we can compare the two.

Last Feb., our lowest temperature was -1° and the forecast is calling for a low temperature during this storm of 15°. While this storm will not be as cold as last year, it is still cold enough that you will need to protect your pipes, drip indoor faucets, and make sure all pets and any plants you want to protect are indoors.

Also in last year's storm, we had two different snow events which totaled up to 5" of snow. This year, we only expect 1-2" of snow, however part of that could be freezing rain. It only takes a few hundredths of an inch of freezing rain to fall on area roads to cause problems. We do not expect heavy amounts of sleet or snow, but there will be enough slippery stuff on the roads to be dangerous.

Last Feb., we endured nine days of freezing weather. Compared to this upcoming storm, we only expect about three days of sharp cold weather. By Sunday, we will be back into the 50's for highs.

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