Hotter Than the Desert? Not Necessarily

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Make no mistake it's hot in North Texas and the only way to escape the relentless heat is to stay indoors. Just how bad is it?

We decided to compare the forecast for the week at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where official records for North Texas are recorded, to a few deserts around the world.

First let's look at the Monday through Friday forecast for DFW. The week starts with 107 degrees Monday, spikes with 110 degrees Wednesday and comes down to a balmy (yes we're being sarcastic) 104 on Friday.

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Traveling to the Mojave Desert in Arizona, the temperatures rival North Texas, with 108 on Monday, 114 on Wednesday and 112 on Friday, but it's a dry heat, right? All we know is we feel your pain Arizona.

Next a trip to the Sahara Desert in Africa, where temperatures start at 103 on Monday, spike to 113 degrees on Wednesday and come down to 111 on Friday. So it' pretty much safe to say it's Africa hot in North Texas.

The Gobi Desert in Asia has nothing on Texas. The forecast highs there ranges from 84 to 87 degrees, similar to our overnight temperatures!

Alas, to bring it all into perspective, our heat has nothing on American forces in Iraq. The Arabian Desert city of Baghdad's forecast for the week starts at 123 degrees and ends at 115 degrees. Aren't we lucky we don't have to wear fatigues and carry a gun in the North Texas heat? As a matter of fact it was so hot in Baghdad Monday, the government declared a public holiday and Iraq's Health Ministry warned people not to expose themselves to the sun. Universities and public offices were closed across the capital city.

The desert most appealing to us right now is the Antarctic Desert, with a high of -16 degrees (yes, that's a negative!) on Monday and -3 degrees on Friday. We think for now you'll have to settle for a trip through the freezer section of Sam's Club or Costco.

How Hot is It?

DFW Airport107°108°110°105°104°
Mojave Desert108°113°114°113°112°
Sahara Desert103°111°113°111°111°
Gobi Desert 86° 86° 86° 87° 84°
Baghdad, Iraq123°122°121°117°115°
Antarctic Desert-16°-10°-14° -3° -5°

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