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Freeze Facts for North Texas

DFW Airport already recorded its first freeze of the season, more to come

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This week brought us our first two freezes of the season.

At Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the temperature dropped to 32 degrees Nov. 30 and 29 degrees Dec. 1. To finish this week, Friday and Saturday mornings a freeze is expected. 

DFW Airport records an annual average of 33 days of freezing temperatures. Here is a look at some of our averages and past occurrences of freezes:

  • The average date of the first freeze: Nov. 22
  • The average date of the last freeze: March 12
  • Earliest freeze: Oct 22, 1898 (31°F)
  • Latest freeze: Apr 13, 1997 (32°F) and Apr 13, 1957 (30°F)
  • Latest first freeze: Jan 4, 1972 (21°F)
  • Earliest last freeze: Jan 8, 2017 (20°F)

Here is a look back at the number of freezes over the past 10 years.

Last winter DFW had 21 days where the temperature was at or below freezing.

The winter of 2016-2017 only had 11 days with freezing temperatures, the lowest number for a season on record.

The long range forecast this winter calls for above normal temperatures, but that doesn’t mean we will not see any arctic cold snaps. Statistically we see most of our freezes during the month of January.  

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