Fall is Getting Warmer in North Texas

The fall season is warmer due to climate change.

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This week began with our first taste of fall! Morning lows in North Texas on Monday and Tuesday were in the 60s with some cities briefly dipping into the 50s. It is about to feel very summer-like again. By early next week, high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s. These temperatures will be well above our normal high of 89 degrees.

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Meteorological fall started on September first. The fall season has been getting warmer and the trend looks to continue. Data from Climate Central shows that the average fall temperature in Dallas/ Ft. Worth has increased by 3.2 degrees F°.

Source: Climate Central

Nationwide, fall temperatures have increased by 2.7 °F.

We are also seeing an increase in the number of days with above-normal temperatures in North Texas. On average 15 more days per fall season are warmer than normal.

Source: Climate Central

This warming trend has been linked to climate change and has several impacts to your daily life. Warmer fall temperatures increase the risks of heat-related illness, insects, allergies, and poor air quality.

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