Drought Leads to Paltry Pecan Crop

Texas pecan crop smallest in years

The Texas pecan crop is one of the smallest in years -- and experts say the drought played a role.

Texas agriculture officials recently estimated this year's crop losses at $1.1 billion from the hot and dry spring and summer.

But last year's bountiful harvest is supplementing the shortfall.

Texas this year is expected to produce 32 million pounds of pecans. It trails Georgia, on track to produce 70 million pounds, and New Mexico, which is projected at 45 million.

The nationwide total is expected to be 204 million pounds.

Last year's Texas pecan crop of 70 million pounds was part of the nationwide total of 385.3 million pounds. That was the highest in a decade or more.

Many trees typically produce less after a high-yield year in what's called an alternate-bearing cycle.

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