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Don't Do It. Resist the Urge to Venture on Frozen Pools, Ponds and Lakes!

Experts say you only have about 10 minutes to get out before things could become deadly

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During this brutally long record cold streak we have seen the rare sight -- pools, ponds and small lakes completely icing over across North Texas.

The urge to venture out on the ice is tempting, but don't do it!

The temperature is beginning to climb and even though the thermometer shows temperatures near or below freezing, the sun's rays are stronger and can easily melt ice while the temperature is below freezing.

Ice forms on bodies of water from the edges toward the middle, but even while the ice on your pool or pond looks thick enough, you simply have no idea how stable the ice is so it's not worth the risk. Experts say you only have about 10 minutes to get out before things could become deadly.

NBC 5’s Brian James explains, it’s a horrible idea to walk or stand on frozen pools, ponds and lakes.

We've received a couple of videos showing the danger from people who unintentionally fell through (see video at the top of this article).

Cleve was breaking up the ice in his frozen pool, and not having much success. In an attempt to break through with his foot, he slipped and went through the ice into the freezing water.

Dan was clearing snow around his house and turned his back for a moment when Christi, a purebred Australian Shepard, walked onto the ice-covered pool and fell in. He tried to reach out and grab her but ended up falling through the ice and into the frigid water, too.

Friday, the McKinney Fire Department tweeted that two kids are lucky to be OK after falling through the ice on a pond at Lake Forest and Highland. Bystanders saved the children before firefighters could get there.

Just the day before, McKinney's mayor took to social media asking parents to keep their children from being tempted to venture out on local ponds.

"Please speak with your kids, let them know that skating (or any activity for that matter) on the lake is forbidden, and if they own ice skates, play hockey, etc. please make sure they are not leaving the house with them," said Mayor George Fuller.

Southlake Department of Public Safety also posted on social media that parents need to talk to their kids about waltzing around on icy ponds and lakes.

That warning came just a day after officers saved a lab mix named Shadow after he fell into a frozen pond and was spotted clinging to a sheet of ice.

Southlake, Texas police officers use some quick-thinking and a lot of bravery to save a dog that had fallen into a frozen lake.

In Denton County, a horse fell through a frozen pond and had to be rescued by the Argyle and Double Oak Volunteer Fire Departments. The filly named Rose's body temperature dropped by 20 degrees by the time she was freed.

A horse fell through a frozen pond in Denton County and had to be rescued by the Argyle and Double Oak Volunteer Fire Departments.

The City of Carrollton cautioned most bodies of water aren't frozen thick enough to support a human or any other animal, so "leave it to the ducks."

On another note, NBC 5 will not air any photos sent to of you, your family members or your pet, standing, sitting or walking on a frozen body of water.

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