Comet Visible to the Naked Eye Above North Texas for Next Few Weeks

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A comet called Neowise is visible across North Texas for the next few weeks. What makes this one unique is that it is visible to the naked eye.

The most likely time to see the comet is a couple of hours prior to sunrise, which would be around 4:30 a.m. Texas time. Look to the northeast just above the horizon. Binoculars may be needed at first, but once the comet is located, it will be visible to the eye.

By mid-July there will be a second viewing opportunity during the evening shortly after sunset. This will take place in the northwest sky just above the horizon.

In recent days, the comet made its closest pass to the sun. With the intense heat of the sun baking its outer layers, large amounts of gasses are given off making it more visible to those of us on earth. The comet will speed back out into the outer portions of our solar system by mid-August.

Jason Ware, in Plano, captured an incredible picture of the comet as it passed over his neighbor's tree.

Jason Ware
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