Coldest Winter Ever in North Texas? Not Quite.


In spite of the gorgeous, warm weather for this Valentine's Day, I have been getting lots of questions recently about where this winter compares with the coldest winters in the past.

Here are the ten coldest winters for Dallas-Fort Worth, with the average temperatures for the period from Dec. 1 - Feb. 28:

1. 1977-78: 39.5
2. 1904-05: 40.5
3. 1898-99: 41.1
4. 1978-79: 41.2
5. 1983-84: 41.4
6. 1963-64: 42.6
7. 1976-77: 42.8
8. 2009-10: 42.9
9. 1917-18: 43.1
10. 1911-12: 43.6

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It is true that so far this winter, our average temperature has been 43.2, which would seem to place this winter in the Top Ten coldest. But that is not quite accurate, because this winter is not over yet.

We have to wait until Feb. 28 to do the final calculation for this year. And with the very warm weather expected to continue for the next week or two, our average temperature for this winter will be going up. And that means this year's ranking among our coldest winters will be going down.

If you compare the period from Dec. 1 - Feb. 14 for each year, you find that our average temperature of 43.2 is currently the 14th coldest. But I am confident this winter will be dropping down that list of coldest winters. Even so, it has most certainly been a colder than normal winter. It just won't make the Top Ten coldest.

If you really enjoy comparing our climate records from the past, CLICK HERE for National Weather Service's DFW Climatology page.

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