Clean-Up Following EF2 Tornado Continues on Thanksgiving

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Families whose apartments were damaged or destroyed by an EF2 tornado Tuesday night in Arlington continued the process of picking up on Thanksgiving.

“It was terrifying,” said Pete Garcia. “We come outside and everything is gone, like the roof over there went off.”

Garcia and his wife were at home when their front window blew out and sent glass flying in their apartment. But they were lucky in that damage to their unit was minor and their power remained on. Elsewhere in the complex, apartments remained without power and in some cases were destroyed.

“It is just crazy how everything is torn up and damaged,” Jeffrey Booker, who said his unit remains without power.

“I wish it would have happened another time. I wish it wouldn’t have happened at all, but if it would have happened at a different time, it would have been better, Thanksgiving and everything, family. Now people have to get a room just to get by,” he said.

But despite the hardship brought by the tornado, many in the complex said they were grateful that nobody they know was either hurt or killed.

“Very thankful, there are a lot of things you have to be thankful for, hope everybody realizes that,” said Garcia.

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