Can you bake cookies in your car? A Keller mom says yes!

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Tammy King
My name is Tammy King and I live in Keller, Texas. Every summer when the temperature gets above 100, I make dashboard cookies.
Tammy King
I started doing this about 10 years ago when my youngest was one. She is now 11.
Tammy King
The car is in the sun most of the morning “pre-heating.”
Tammy King
I put the cookies (store-bought dough set out to get to room temperature) in the car at about 12:45.
Tammy King
Flipped them at about 4:30.
Tammy King
Oh and the cookies come out great!
Tammy King
The picture with the thermometer was taken last year. (My thermometer broke this year so I could not get a read inside the care but I am sure that it was similar).
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