Beaumont & Surrounding Area Dodge Worst of Hurricane Laura

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In Beaumont and surrounding areas, high winds from Hurricane Laura left their mark – toppling powerlines and shredding billboards. But the serious damage many feared was imminent was avoided.

Across Beaumont power was out on Thursday but damage was otherwise minor. Further North in Warren, falling trees were the primary source of damage.

“I guess as soon as we dozed off, we heard the big fall and my husband just told me, that it was going to be okay,” said Susan Brocato, holding back tears.

Brocato and her husband had taken shelter on the floor of their bathroom when a large tree collapsed on their home, causing severe damage – before then landing on their car, which was destroyed.

In nearby Jasper, it was a similar story when a large pine tree collapsed on a funeral home.

“We were really shocked because we didn’t hear any loud noise from the tree falling, that is how loud the wind was, I guess it covered up the noise of the trees,” said Stacey Shultz, owner of Shultz Funeral Home.

But Shultz, like Brocato - was thankful they and their loved ones were uninjured as the storm that they worried was going to hit their hometown’s square instead delivered a glancing blow.

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