April Is Historically Busiest Month for Tornadoes in North Texas

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Welcome to April! While we have the peak of bluebonnet season and warmer temperatures to look forward to this month, April also holds the record for the highest number of recorded tornadoes in North Texas.

Although severe storms and tornadoes can be scary, we can make ourselves safer by having a plan in place. With today being the beginning of April, now is a great time to go over your Severe Weather Safety Plan and be prepared for when severe storms strike.

Below are some tips for you and your family as you plan for severe weather.

  1. Download the NBC 5 DFW app on your smartphone, this will enable you to receive alerts and watch our coverage if you lose power.
  2. Find a safe place to shelter. Ideally, this is a centrally located room on the lowest level of the building. If you’re in your car and there's no building to shelter in, keep your seat belt on and cover your head and neck. Do NOT stop under a bridge, this is dangerous for you and other drivers.
  3. Put together a kit with a flashlight, batteries, chargers, anything you may need if you’re sheltering for an extended period of time. You should also consider having helmets or heavy blankets to protect yourself as well.
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