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5 Disturbances in Active Atlantic Basin; T.S. Ian Strengthens in the Caribbean

We are currently monitoring five tropical disturbances in the Atlantic basin

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There are five tropical disturbances in the Atlantic Basin, one of which is expected to enter the gulf sometime next week. The five disturbances are Post-Tropical Cyclone Fiona, Tropical Storm Gaston, Tropical Storm Hermine, Tropical Storm Ian and a tropical wave.


Post-Tropical Cyclone Fiona is still a powerful storm as it bears down on northeastern Canada.

This system is expected to bring heavy rainfall, damaging winds and high surf into Canada's maritime provinces as it moves into the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

They say it has the potential to be one of the most severe storms in Canada's history.

The latest update on Fiona

Fiona was a Category 4 hurricane when it pounded Bermuda with heavy rains and winds earlier Friday.

Fiona so far has been blamed for at least five deaths -- two in Puerto Rico, two in the Dominican Republic and one in the French island of Guadeloupe.


Tropical Storm Ian is spinning in the Caribbean Sea.

The National Hurricane Center says a hurricane watch was issued for the Cayman Islands.

This system will move west-northwest this weekend and could potentially threaten the United States by next week.

The latest track across the Caribbean
The latest track into Florida

The National Hurricane Center said that Tropical Storm Ian is expected to keep strengthening and hit Cuba early Tuesday as a hurricane and then hit southern Florida early Wednesday.

The latest sea temperatures
The latest long-range EURO(European) Model


Tropical Storm Gaston is located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It will continue to spin and weaken in open waters.

Also, Tropical Storm Hermine in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean is expected to move northward off the coast of Africa.

A tropical wave in the Central Atlantic Ocean has a low chance of development. It is moving to the northwest over open waters.

The latest on the rest of the Atlantic Basin

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