40s in North Texas? Not Anytime Soon

October 2016 was the warmest on record and November has been off to a warmer than normal start too.

D/FW International Airport has yet to drop into the 40s this fall, which is the latest on record. Here is a look at previous records of the latest 40 degree temperatures:

1. 2016 (hasn't happened yet)
2. Nov. 8, 2015
3. Nov. 3, 2004, 1950 and 1947

Looking at the forecast into mid November, it doesn't look like we will see a 40 degree temperature. The jet stream is positioned to our north keeping the colder air away from North Texas. This is a look at the forecast for Nov. 16 from the GFS model - it shows the jet stream in Canada.


The European model has a temperature forecast through Nov. 19. The coldest temperature forecasted is 51 degrees on Nov. 13.

The Climate Prediction Center is also forecasting a warmer than normal November.

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