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Side Streets Remain Dangerous in Denton

City officials warn residents of ice on side streets



    The city of Denton was hit hard by Tuesday's winter storm, especially the side streets.

    Texas Department of Transportation officials and police warned residents to watch out for the ice hidden under snow.

    "It is not snowing, but this is ice," Officer Ryan Grelle said. "People are just driving way too fast for the elements."

    Officials warned drivers to be extra careful on side streets because a solid layer of ice is underneath the snow.

    Snow and Ice Cover Roads in Denton

    [DFW] Snow and Ice Cover Roads in Denton
    Denton drivers had to deal with icy, snow-covered roads throughout Tuesday.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011)

    "You've got major roads that they are going to sand," Grelle said. "They aren't going to do the small roads, the residential roads. They are going to hit the major thoroughfares. That's where people really need to be careful."

    The friction of traffic helps turn ice to slush on the busy roads. But on side streets, less friction means the snow and ice remains packed.

    "My advice is, if you don't have to get out on the roads, stay home," Grelle said.

    Drivers Cautious on Slick, Icy Streets

    [DFW] Drivers Cautious on Slick, Icy Streets
    Streets are even more treacherous the farther north you go.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011)

    Denton residents such as Manuel Galvan worked hard to break up the ice and keep other drivers from spinning off the road.

    "People are sliding right there and getting stuck, and we had to come out here and push them, so, we just decided to break the ice," he said.

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