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My Weather Story



    My Weather Story

    Weather is something that connects us all.  We all have meaningful stories to share about how Texas weather has impacted our lives.

    The NBC 5 Weather Experts shared their stories below.  You can share your weather story by sending an email to 

    David Finfrock -- "That was the most horrific night we've had."

    Rick Mitchell -- "All of a sudden the doors to the station blew open."

    My Weather Story: David Finfrock

    [DFW MWS REVISED]My Weather Story: David Finfrock
    NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist and Weather Expert David Finfrock shares his experiences with severe North Texas weather. Share your weather story in the comments below.
    (Published Wednesday, May 6, 2015)

    Remeisha Shade --"It was definitely terrifying."

    Grant Johnston -- "We're talking about 100 mph wind heading into the vehicle."

    Samantha Davies -- "It was something out of a movie."

    My Weather Story: Grant Johnston

    [DFW MWS REVISED]My Weather Story: Grant Johnston
    NBC 5 Meteorologist and Weather Expert Grant Johnston recalls a close call as storm chaser. Share your weather story in the comments below. (Published Friday, Apr 24, 2015)
    (Published Wednesday, May 6, 2015)

    Brian James -- "We should have got insurance for this vacation."