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Look Up Tonight

Rare Lunar-Planetary Conjunction



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    The crescent moon in a rare conjunction with Venus and Jupiter in the North Texas sky Monday evening.

    Clear skies across North Texas Monday evening provided a wonderful opportunity to view a rare astronomical event:  a conjunction of the crescent moon with the two brightest planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter.

    Venus is the brighter of the two planets, just below the moon.  Jupiter, less dazzling than Venus, still shows clearly to the right of the moon.  Together, the three objects form a tight triangle in the southern sky.

    You can't miss it.  Just step outside Monday evening and look into the southwestern sky.  It's an amazing sight, and one that won't be repeated for years.  But don't wait, because the moon will set by 10 pm.  Jupiter and Venus will still be in close conjunction the rest of this week, but the moon will be much farther away, so it won't be nearly so impressive after tonight..

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