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Science With Samantha: Staying Prepared for Severe Weather Season

What is a severe thunderstorm?

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We are in the middle of severe weather season in North Texas, which is when we see the highest frequency of severe thunderstorms. The season runs from March through May.

But what is a severe thunderstorm? In order for a thunderstorm to be classified as severe, it has to produce one of three things.

  • Winds: Wind gusts that are speeds of 58 mph or higher.
  • Hail: Hail larger than 1 inch in diameter.
  • Tornado: Any thunderstorm that produces a tornado is severe.

With severe thunderstorms being common this time of year, it is always important to stay weather aware. Make sure you have a way to get storm warnings and in the event of severe weather know where your safe spot is.

You can get also get warnings through the NBCDFW App.

The safest place to be when severe storms strike is in a sturdy building. You want to make sure you are in an interior room away from windows.

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