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Science With Samantha: Cold Front in the Kitchen

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NBC 5 Meteorologist Samantha Davies demonstrates how air moves when a cold front moves through.

Below you'll find the materials and directions you'll need to conduct the experiment right in your very own kitchen.


  • Red and blue food coloring
  • Ice cube tray
  • Water
  • Clear rectangular container
The blue water represents cold air and the red water represents warm air. The experiment shows how warm air moves over cold air when a cold front comes through.


  • Mix blue food coloring with water and make blue ice cubes.
  • Once the ice is made you can begin the experiment.
  • Fill a clear tub with warm water. Place blue ice cubes in on one side. Drop some red food coloring to the other side.
  • Watch as the blue color sinks to the bottom and the red floats the top. 
  • Cold air is denser than warm air. That is why warm air rises and cold air sinks. The molecules in cold air are closer together because the bonds are absorbing less energy and do not move as much. 

Science With Samantha

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