3,500 Trees To Be Planted to Replace the Ones Lost in October Tornadoes

NBC 5 News

About 3,500 trees will be planted in Dallas and the surrounding areas to replace the ones that were lost in the October 2019 tornado outbreak.

The Texas Tree Foundation is planting the trees to replace the ones that were lost or damaged on public property.

Prior to the tornadoes, Texas Trees Foundation was planning to grow the Dallas tree canopy by 5% to help combat Dallas' heat island. In light of the tornadoes' damage, those plans are now being revisited because the foundation is working from a deficit of trees.

The Texas Trees Foundation also created a tree damage tracker to help residents learn more.

"Dallas and the surrounding areas are still in the inventory phase of the extensive damage caused by the tornado. As much as we wish we could immediately restore these neighborhoods back to the landscape we knew and loved, we must thoughtfully and carefully plan," said Janette Monear, CEO of Texas Trees Foundation. "Texas Trees Foundation is working on a full assessment, and we're eager to not just replant trees that were tragically lost but also offer our expertise in green planning, so we can help rebuild an ecosystem that brings life, vibrancy and greenery back to these neighborhoods."

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