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Toll Tag Problems Persist at DFW Airport



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    The exit on the north side of DFW Airport backed up Wednesday because the computer system is moving slowly, affecting every transaction, including TollTags, credit cards and cash.

    Leaving Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport can still be a challenge for many drivers, nearly 8 weeks after the airport started using the new exit plazas.

    The system still isn't reading all the toll tags properly, and that continues to cause long lines at the exit plazas when someone gets stuck behind a gate that won't open for them.

    The airport launched the new system back in early September and now has a team of technical people working to get out all the bugs.

    The problems appear to be intermittent, which makes them even tougher to fix, and the airport suspects it has a lot to do with where exactly you place the toll tag on your windshield.

    Glitch Leads to Backup at DFW Airport Toll Plaza

    [DFW] Glitch Leads to Backup at DFW Airport Toll Plaza
    A technical glitch led to big backups at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport's north toll plaza Wednesday afternoon. The brand new toll plazas have been plagued by problems.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013)

    In the November issue of "Driving Forward," the monthly newsletter from the North Texas Tollway Authority, the NTTA apologizes for the inconvenience, telling customers "this situation is isolated to DFW Airport, and your tolltag works on all toll roads in Texas and for parking at Dallas Love Field airport... the NTTA does not own or operate equipment at the airport parking plazas."

    The new readers also take longer to see the toll tags.

    On its website, DFW Airport "advises drivers to maintain their vehicle in a stationary position while the tolltag is being read" and says to "expect 4 to 8 seconds of processing time" before the gate opens.

    Toll Plaza Glitch Causes Delays at DFW Airport

    [DFW] Toll Plaza Glitch Causes Delays at DFW Airport
    Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport said its computer system had trouble reading TollTags on Monday morning, which caused traffic delays.
    (Published Monday, Oct. 21, 2013)

    A lot of confusion about the lanes themselves will go away once the old exit plazas are torn down. That’s expected by the end of the year.