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Texas Tollway With 85 mph Opens This Week

Eyes of Texas, nation on highway to open at 85 mph



    Texas Tollway With 85 mph Opens This Week
    New Jersey's DOT recently finished rebuilding Route 18 into New Brunswick, but they left the speed limit signs vacant.

    A 40-mile stretch of a Central Texas toll road opens this week with officials and residents watching to see how fast traffic goes -- and whether the state's drivers can handle the extra speed.

    The Star-Telegram reports that a 40-mile stretch of Texas Highway 130 will open Wednesday with the nation's highest speed limit: 85 mph. That's led to predictions that drivers used to going faster than speed limits will routinely hit 100 mph.

    State officials say they're not worried about increased danger. They say traffic deaths are down on some West Texas highways where the speed limits were raised.

    But others are skeptical. And Texas Transportation Commission member Bill Meadows says that Texans will have to learn "how to drive these safer speeds."