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TRE Raising Prices, Changing Schedules

Hike to offset increased operating expenses



    TRE Raising Prices, Changing Schedules

    About as close to the Trinity Rail Express, or TRE, as I’ve ever gotten was looking at one of the trains outside American Airlines Center after a Dallas Stars game.

    Almost took the TRE to Fort Worth once to catch a Brahmas game, but my companions and I figured we’d need to leave about half-way through the second period to catch the last train back to Dallas, so nah.

    With the recent announcement that DART and The T — what does that stand for? — the joint operators of the TRE, will jack the price of a train commute between Dallas and Fort Worth, I might just put it out of my mind altogether now, even though I like Sundance Square.

    You can read all about the specific increases and changes to schedules online. The release cites rising operational costs and dropping revenue, read: fewer ticket sales, as the catalyst for the rate hike.

    Hmm, fewer and fewer people take the train, and they’re going to penalize the loyal customers who do ride.

    Hey here’s a thought: Why not lower prices for, say, six months or a year and try to attract more paying riders.

    I know, I know, makes too much since. I said it was just a thought.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He just loves bureaucratic thinking.