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Narcing Out Pot(holes)

TxDOT opens pothole reporting hotline



    Narcing Out Pot(holes)
    Is this your neighorhood? It's very possible.

    The Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT, just deputized drivers across the state.

    The department recently opened a reporting system — toll-free telephone hotline, 888-885-8248, or website — through which drivers can tip-off TxDOT about road damage to state highways. Don’t waste time using it to report potholes on a neighborhood street.

    Given the state of most thoroughfares around here, I foresee frustrating busy signals and a crashed server.

    I am a bit surprised the phone line wasn’t 888-768-4653, 888-POT-HOLE, but then a little research, a very little research, showed that number belongs to, oddly enough, Innovative Asphalt Repair in Jamaica. Insert Jamaica-pot jokes here.

    Not a bad move on TxDOT’s part, though, in these tight-budget times. Executive Director Amadeo Saenz just added a few million people to the department’s maintenance division without adding a penny to the payroll.

    Just one thing, Amadeo, I need tomorrow off, man. I have, uh, an appointment.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He hopes this system works. There are some potholes out there that snack on little cars like his.