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Cowboys Stadium Brings Arlington Traffic Woes



    Cowboys Stadium Brings Arlington Traffic Woes
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    Drivers are dreading the thought of increased traffic as the Cowboys Stadium prepares to open for its very first event.

    If your daily commute takes you anywhere near the new Cowboys' Stadium then you already know what a nightmare the traffic can be, especially with all the construction and detours. 

    Now drivers worry what will happen once regular events start at the new stadium.  The first one is the George Strait concert on June 6.

    "I think it's going to be absolutely crazy.  It's going to be nuts," said Mansfield resident Melanie Paulson.

    "You know how bad it is just when they have a Ranger game, and that's just along 360 here," said Arlington resident Andy McDonnell. "Imagine when they have two events at the same time coming up in September and October.  It's going to be terrible."

    The Roads Around Cowboys Stadium Can Be a Challenge

    [DFW] The Roads Around Cowboys Stadium Can Be a Challenge
    Major construction around Arlington means working your way around the Cowboys stadium and the Ballpark can be tricky.
    (Published Wednesday, July 22, 2009)

    Especially since drivers can no longer hit Interstate 30 West from Ballpark Way.  Center Street is also shut down at I-30 in that area.

    "I can only imagine what it's going to be like," said Arlington resident Delma Chavez.

    Many drivers are even starting to plan now for events weeks down the road to make sure they get there on time.

    "I'm taking my daughter to the Jonas Brother in a few weeks and I'm already kind of aware of the situation and I'm trying to plan ahead because you have to," one resident said.

    On just a regular day drivers get frustrated navigating through the area around Collins and Interstate 30.

    "It's a headache," said Chavez.

    McDonnell said, "you have to go through so many lights and then you can only turn left and then if there's a truck you got to wait for them to get over first." 

    Every driver who has to travel the interrupted streets of Arlington has a least favorite route.

    "Right now it's this whole Lamar area, it's just one way.  You can't really come southbound coming from Collins Street," said Chavez.