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Louis Vuitton iPhone Case

Say what you will about the designer's brown luggage, but there's no denying the stylishness of this iPhone case



    Louis Vuitton iPhone Case
    Louis Vuitton
    We like the red version of the Louis Vuitton iPhone case, but traditionalists will be happy to know that it is also offered in the designer's signature brown.

    Merely owning an iPhone used to be the epitome of cool, but these days it's hard to find someone who doesn't have the gadget.

    Now trendsetters can set themselves apart from the crowd of geeky technophiles with this iPhone case from Louis Vuitton. Made from Epi leather and microfiber, the case is strong enough to protect the phone but slim enough to slip into a pocket or handbag. The notch in the top creates an easy way to slip things in and out of the case, an action that is made even easier by the sleek lining.

    Our favorite is the red one shown here, but the designer also offers the iPhone case in black, black-and-gray checker, and yes, the designer's signature brown-and-gold monogram.

    3G users may prefer the case known simply as The Monogram, which is designed specifically to fit the newest iPhone model.

    iPhone case, $290.00 in red, $250.00 other styles, www.louisvuitton.com