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Toms Shoes Expands With Fall Lines

Arlington native's company gets 'Best of Dallas' honors



    Toms Shoes Expands With Fall Lines
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    An LA Times reporter wrote that Toms founder and Arlington native Blake Mycoskie has "Hollywood good looks" and "Clinton's charisma."

    While perusing the mammoth print edition of the Dallas Observer's Best of 2009 issue released this week, we noticed the familiar Toms name got a plug for Best Low-Guilt Shoes. The company is relevant to DFW not only because area Whole Foods locations carry the canvas slip-ons, but because company founder Blake Mycoskie is from Arlington. He's the entrepreneur behind the one for one formula Toms shoes are known for -- each time a pair is sold, another pair is donated to kids in developing countries who'd otherwise go barefoot.

    Other area programs have a similar mission, like Shoes For Orphan Souls run by Buckner International. But Mycoskie's initiative leaves the donor/purchaser with a reminder of their gift: a pair of simple, comfortable shoes that have become the new Keds in our parts.

    And the style-setting continues with new fall lines from the company. The first, called Cordones and named for Argentine writers who pushed for civil rights in the mid-nineteenth century, is a complete departure from the original patched-up, Vans-like design. Shoes like the Dolina Cordones ($69) for women have holes for laces and a subtle, woven multi-color plaid print.

    The classic Toms get new prints and more meaning with the Cultural Anthropology line, with names of -- yep -- cultural anthropologists given to each new print (check out the ultra-light Yellow Strauss design for $54).