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The Funny Valentine Gift Guide: Goth Romance



    Make your Summer Getaway a Win
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    Some candidates for the skull ring appreciate the darker side of being in love — the reminder that they're pledged to their partners for mere finite life. Others just think bones look fierce on jewelry.

    When our dearest friends got married, we knew exactly what to give them in honor of their union: something skeleton-related. There's something so raw about celebrating love with images of our body's basic structure. And, well, they're just into that whole Day of the Dead thing.

    If you're fortunate enough to have a death-obsessed lover to buy for this Valentine's Day, consider the chunky double-skull sterling silver ring from the West Village's Cowboy Cool boutique. It's a serious purchase, both for your wallet and your dating status: Positioned fiercely side by side, the two skulls say "stay away from my man/woman" like nothing else could.