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No More Wire Hangers

Three essentials to shift your closet space while you shift to this season's wardrobe



    No More Wire Hangers
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    If there is one thing we can never get enough of, it's closet space. If yours is bulging at the seams, we've got three essentials to shift your closet space while you shift to this season's wardrobe.

    STEP 1 - BOX IT UP
    As the weather shifts, so should your wardrobe. Yank the tanks, shorts, and summer standards for storage. We knows lots of people like to box up their off-season items in classic brown cardboard, but if you're planning to move that box to a storage or attic space, there's a bigger risk of water, bug, or heat damage. Our storage cash goes to plastic Space Bags, available at Bed Bath and Beyond and other stores. Use them suck out the air and they're an easy way to literally shrink your clothes.

    Hot Tip: While pulling out your off-season stuff, make a two-second decision on if you'll actually wear it again. If not, put it in your "to sell" pile.

    Now that you have some extra space, it's time to maximize the area. Shelving is an essential element to getting every inch of space out of your closet -- but it's up to you how far you need to take it. Full systems, like this one from elfa decor, give your closet a complete makeover that's fairly easy to install. We prefer a "less is more" approach that just adds some helpful organizers -- like stackable shoe shelves -- that help put stuff right where it needs to be, with the flexibility to add more later. Both products are 25% off at The Container Store right now!

    Hot Tip: If you have the room, a small dresser might be a great addition to your closet. Not only will it give you some drawers to store other clothing pieces, having some flat space to fold laundry is extra helpful.

    "No more wire hangers!" Though they're cheap, wire hangers are terrible for many of your tops. We like the commercial quality hangers just like the ones you'd find at a department store. Nearly all have hooks for spaghetti straps, the swivel metal hook works great on the closet rod or over a door, and a smaller hook on each hanger lets you connect them together for complete outfits.

    Hot Tip: Ask the clerk when you check out at a department store if you can keep the hangers -- even though many recycle them now, they'll often let you keep them if you ask nicely.