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Miniature Fairy Gardens Redefine Having a Green Thumb

Tiny figurines and furniture turn plants into paradise



    Fairy Gardening is Taking Off in North Texas

    A gardening trend born in a big city known for small places is finding roots in Dallas. (Published Monday, Oct. 15, 2012)

    Everything is bigger in Texas, except when it comes to the latest trend in gardening called "fairy gardening."

    Fairy gardening got its wings in New York -- a big city known for small spaces -- but now it's finding roots in Big D.

    Mother and business woman Amy Kate Chinn is building a business built on this big idea meant to fit in the tiniest of spaces.

    "It was just so, so enchanting to me," said Chinn who started her new company Amy Kate Gardens this past spring.

    You can think of fairy gardening as a doll house, but in your potted plants.

    You place miniature-sized furniture and figurines to make the world you imagine.

    It was created out of necessity in New York as people who couldn't have full-blown gardens bought plants for their patio. Then they started putting things in them which created a new way to express themselves.

    "You know how you have a song that just brings back a memory? Once this garden is made it's individual and unique to the designer that made it," said Chinn.

    Chinn’s company throws fairy gardening house parties where she comes to you and you buy what you want to make whatever vignette you can think up.

    "The biggest thing I hear is 'I want to live there.' 'This is where I wish I could spend an afternoon.' 'I wish I could have your life if there is a fairy in there,'" said Chinn.

    She got the idea roughly a year ago by trying to build one herself.

    She was frustrated that there was no centralized place to go to get the specially grown plants for this craft or a place to go to get the right sized furniture or figurines.

    This craft has its roots in modeling so you can imagine that parts can come in different scales.

    It can be hard to know which size you’re getting. Chinn makes it easy by not only sticking to one scale, but by bringing everything to you.

    So, from the furniture to the stones to the fairy figurines, this new way of expressing yourself is redefining what it means to have a green thumb.

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