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Discounts and Deals End March



    Discounts and Deals End March
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    There's plenty of ways to save a little money and we've found a few to highlight.

    Tax season is almost finished (you've done your taxes, right?) and folks are still suffering in the economy -- it's a perfect time to be on the lookout for discounts and deals. We've found a few highlights around the web you should definitely be aware of to save some cash.

    Penny Pinching's Weekly Deals:  Our Penny Pinching blog should be the first place to look everyday to find great online coupons and ways to save on all kinds of necessities, like toothpaste and milk. Amy's highlighted this week's deals in one massive post.

    Dillard's Hand Bag trade in: Get $50 off a $200 bag by donating your old bag to charity. We have more details on the Dillard's dealie-o in this story on the event.

    Mavs Tickets for $2:  Though you'll have to wait until next season, we've posted about a new Mavs deal that can get folks to the AAC for only $2 a ticket.

    Free Food and Fish: SideDish posted a note about a free food and drinks at the Go Fish Ocean Club this Thursday. Click here to get the details and to RSVP -- we think you'll have to say you're a Disher to get in.

    Looking Good for Cheap: Our Frisco Townies can save some cash with 25% off hair services and mani/pedis for $39 at Zen in Frisco. Thanks to ShopTalk for finding the deal.

    Pay What You Want: The "pay what you want" concept comes to dining at Arlington's Potager Cafe where you can decide how much you spend on dinner -- by only paying that much. We have a report, including video of the little eatery, at this link.

    Got a deal you want to share? We have comments, e-mails, andTwitter feeds....